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Who Spiked the Eggnog? – Yule Megasode

Who Spiked the Eggnog? – Yule Megasode

The ladies of The Witches View are up to their old tricks again! Welcome to the first megasode of the season. Listener feedback abounds in the first part of the show which leads in to some discussion of recent magic performed by Essa. The girls reminisce about some of their early yule practices and discuss plans.. or lack thereof of, for the solstice this year and Emy talks about a really special gift she received last week!

We here at The Witches View wish you all a wonderful and happy Yule. May you keep family close and your hearth warm this winter!

Devotional prayers used in this episode are both by Patti Wigington, of
Sunset Prayer
Sunrise Prayer

Featured music in this episode:

Carol of the Bells on Handpan – Dante Bucci
Carol of the Bells – The Piano Guys

And as always , The Witches View theme song is Wunderfull Eyes, by RedLyon.  You can find him on twitter@RedLyonRoars and download the song on sound cloud!
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Work Hax


Work Hax

This week Emy and Essa discuss Job Magic!  Listen as Essa recounts her tale of one of the greatest bits of magic she has ever performed as well as some really good ideas for your own magical work hacks.  Also, the winner of the “Guess what city we are moving to” contest is announced along with a special announcement of a new podcast project the girls have in the works.  Finally, they talk of their newest obsession.  Do you Ingress?


If you are in Mobile Alabama some time and hungry, Check out Bob’s Downtown Restaurant on the corner of St Francis Street.  They.were.awesome.

20141109_011206[1]     20141109_010703[1]      20141109_011259[1]

Did you love the music in this episode?

Check out Tuatha Dea and watch the AWESOME video for their song we featured in this weeks episode “Long Black Curl“.  They are great people, amazing musicians…and they have kilts…and fire.

Also featured (as always) is Wunderfull Eyes, by RedLyon.  You can find him on twitter @RedLyonRoars and download the song on sound cloud!

Avoid Non-traditional Candy Corn.


Avoid Non-traditional Candy Corn!

Samhain is finally upon us!  Join Emy and Essa for lots of good discussion, plenty of laughter, and a few of their infamous bunny trails! This week the girls talk about costumes and how changing what you wear (like Essa’s bitch boots) can change how you feel or how you are seen by others.  There is discussion of Ancestor Stones, history, childhood Halloween memories and family Samhain plans for this year.  Learn about bra thievery & “Family Fright Night”. You’ll also hear Emy reveal her true nature as a chicken shit and hear a truly horrifying moment about ten minutes in… (it involves summoning coffee demons.)  Also due to a new a recording technique test.. Essa and Emy occasionally seem to have dual voices!!  Could they be interdemensional voices from beyond?? you decide…


Samhain Blessings to all of our amazing community of podlings,
We love you all and the WVP wouldn’t be what it is with out you!

Emy and Essa

Did you love the music in this episode? 
Check out Haunted by RedLyon
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As Promised, here are some of the pictures we discussed in the show!

Family Fright Night: Featuring ScaryToad

IMG_20141025_190754[1] 20141025_185622[1] 20141025_185739[1]


Costumes from Essa’s Bachelorette Party from 2010

58347_1184019458666_1773636980_346712_329709_n 58630_1184005138308_1773636980_346629_1401921_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Prayers read on this episode were both written by Patti Wigington   of and can be found at the links below:
Ancestor Prayer for Samhain
Prayer to the Deities of Death

Monkey, Toad & The Big Easy

Monkey, Toad &  PPD in The Big Easy

Emy & Essa are joined this week by Emys Offspring!  Monkey and Toad join the discussion of the WVP’s family trip to the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day.  Rain, shine and an occasional nutshot,  Fun was had by all!


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Can We Take You on an Update??

Can We Take you on an Update?

It’s here! The First WVP episode in almost 2 years!   Join Emy and Essa as they discuss where they have been and what they have been up to during their disapparation.  Also find out where they think they are headed! A little witchy, a lot personal and completely out of practice. Is it rusty? absolutely…  but once the training wheels start spinning again the girls find their old flow and kick them bitches to the curb.